The Chosen One

This page developed from one of Juliana Coles's exercises. The assignment was to imagine yourself as "the chosen one." I had with me, by coincidence, the photocopy of my kindergarten picture. I imagined my "temple" as a simple house with rooms to celebrate each of the epiphanies of my life, times when I truly felt special, chosen, touched by something divine and greater than myself: shopping for an Easter dress with my grandmother when I was 5, "altering" my first book at age 7 and being told for the first time about artists like Marcel Duchamp, spending a rainy Saturday with my Aunt Helen when I was 12, setting off on a cross-country journey when I was 20, and falling in love with my dear, sweet Damon when I was 43. I haven't yet translated this piece into a finished work, but I want to, so I will. Like it says on the page, "I am aware of my power."


Strange Geography

This is the cover of my "junk" journal, the composition book I carry around in my journal bag. I use it to capture things quickly, not really a place for fully developed art, but for first drafts, ideas, and experiments. I had it with me at ArtFest 2005 when I took Extreme Journaling with Juliana Coles.